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Our seating company is one of the largest grandstand seating manufacturers in the UK. As well as a stand-alone sales company of grandstand seating, we are well established and pride ourselves on being able to deliver projects no matter the size. Based in Swindon, Grandstand Systems has undertaken projects across the world, from Hong Kong to Australia. With our partner company Austen Fabrication Ltd, we create bespoke seating for theatres, circuses and more, so get in touch with us today for more information.

Our History

The origins of the company date back over fifty years. The first seating produced by Brian Austen, at age 16, was in a railway car travelling through South Africa for the circus that employed him. Having returned to the UK, he formed a partnership with Gerry Cottle and they opened their own circus. A crucial element of the circus is seating. So, as would become the norm for Brian, wherever in the world they travelled to he had the tools and knowledge to build the seating himself.

The rest (as they say) is history within the circus industry.

Then, after life on the road every day came to end, Brian formed a grandstand hire company. This would grow to be one of the largest in the UK. Furthermore, out of this he would also start Austen Fabrication Ltd which would act as the manufacturing arm to the hire business.

Grandstand Seating Company

At present day, the hire side of the business has been sold off and we now focus solely on the design, manufacture and sale of grandstand seating, stages and associated products to the touring show industry. Notable projects include:

  • Chichester Theatre in the park – 1400 seats.
  • Apollo anniversary tour. Pasadena USA – 1600 seats.
  • Troubadour Theatre Wembley London – 1200 seats.
  • Moscow State Circus European Tour – 1200 seats.


We also use the latest CAD design software which allows our clients to see how their ideas can be turned into reality. We offer a completely bespoke service and will design according to your needs and requirements.

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