The Benefits Of Crowd Control Barriers

crowd control barrier separating people from animals

Crowd control barriers are integral when it comes to the design and layout of large venues. They can be used in conjunction with ticket booths and queue management. They help with splitting larger crowds and dispersing them around a venue.

Crowd control is not only important for the organisation and efficiency of planning shows, but there is also a significant health and safety element to them as well. During emergency events such as a fire, the most important priority is the speed at which a crowd can be organised and evacuated should the worst happen.

Let’s look at all the different instances of crowd control barriers, and the benefits that can be seen from utilizing them.

Different Types Of Crowd Control Barrier

Generally, a crowd control barrier is consistent in size and shape. However, certain instances of their use require customised elements. Barriers usually come in several powder coat colours and are fabricated with as few moving parts as possible to ensure consistency and ease of use.

If you have any questions regarding use or design of our barriers, our team of highly trained experts are ready to discuss anything.

Safety barriers

Safety barriers are used to separate the stage from the audience. However, they can also be setup to prevent trip hazards or heights.

These are quite often mandatory. Barriers are required due to health and safety being such an important aspect of crowd control and the venue’s requirements.

queue crowd control barriers
queue barriers

Queue barriers & temporary barriers

Queue and temporary barriers are usually removeable. They are made of solid aluminium and high-quality mechanisms to ensure easy attachment to one another.

Often, temporary barriers are brought out to split large groups of people if they are expected at the venue, and to funnel them towards specific seating areas.

When are Crowd Control Barriers Most Important?

There are two main areas in which crowd control barriers are most important. However, the flexibility of fabrications and designs means they are multi-purpose and can be used in all manner of situations.

Health & Safety

Health and safety standards absolutely must be followed to prevent injury or death. Here at Grandstand Systems, we ensure our products are made to the highest quality and consistency for those venues where separation of crowd and showcase are most important, such as circuses.

Without appropriate crowd control barriers, lives can be put at risk. Not only logistically but in case of evacuation in an emergency.

queue crowd control barriers leading to grandstand seating
crowd control barrier separating people from animals

Efficient Logistics

The speed and efficiency in which customers can arrive at the venue, buy/verify tickets and get to their seats directly affects the success of a business. This also works in reverse regarding the exiting of the venue too.

The faster and more efficient you are at controlling crowds, the more shows can fit into one day/night. Therefore, the venue can make a larger profit.

Contact Grandstand Systems for High Quality Crowd Control Barriers

As one of the largest grandstand seating companies in the UK, we pride ourselves on expert design and application within the industry. With over 50 years of experience, we can ensure a high-quality product and service for your venue. Contact us today.

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