CAD Seating Design

For all of our seating systems, we use CAD seating design to give an accurate and detailed drawing of the project. Using the latest CAD program, we can show our clients how we can turn their ideas into a real seating system with a 1:1 scale drawing to give a true representation. We will ensure the design meets all your needs and requirements, from the size to how it needs to be stored.

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Aluminium Seating

We pay great attention to detail when designing our seating as, speaking from experience, storage space is a prime concern for travelling circuses and temporary shows. At Grandstand Systems, we design seating that not only fits your specification, but can then be packed away taking up the least amount of space possible. This has been our number one priority from day one! For this reason, we use structural aluminium as our main building material. Our aluminium seating has a high strength to weight ratio so we can manufacture light but durable components that can be packed, unpacked and built time and time again with ease.

Why Choose Our Seating Designs?

From the initial meetings, we can determine what it is you are looking for, from the number of seats and your budget to the space available and the overall look required. The design is planned around the latest ‘Yellow Book’ and all updated technical standards pertaining to the country of destination. This is important so the seating meets health and safety regulations. Our seating has been all over the world & passed all the regulations required, including:

  • France
  • Holland
  • U.S.A
  • Hong Kong
  • Australia

Once the plans have been drawn up and you have approved them, we will submit them to our engineers to ensure that the design will pass or exceed the required safety and Euro Code loading tests for public seating. Afterwards, we can place the material orders, produce workshop drawings and get to work manufacturing your vision.

purple grandstand seating

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Throughout the manufacturing processes, you will be kept up to date with our progress. Likewise, if you think “maybe I’d like to change or add something”, we will always try to accommodate this if possible. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our CAD seating design.