Circus Seating - Designed For Big Top Arenas

Custom designed circus seating supplied in the traditional round layout. Having worked with many circuses and travelling shows in the UK and across the world, we have the experience and expertise to design the best possible seating system for your big top arena.

Ensuring your guests get a great view of the show whilst being safe and comfortable is our priority. We only use high quality, durable materials for both the frame structure, seating and the other systems from the barriers to the walkways.

All of our bespoke designed circus seating is designed using the latest CAD design software. This means you will be able to picture our  designs more clearly and see your ideas taking shape. This also allows us to give you an accurate completion time on your project. For more information on our services, please get in touch with us today.

Temporary Seating

Our temporary seating is specially designed to accommodate your requirements. There are a number of things to consider when investing in temporary event seating. Firstly it should be easy to pack away, move and build. Our heritage is in the circus industry meaning we have years of experience with moving and building temporary seating. We know first hand the difficulties that you may face when transporting this equipment.

We strive to innovate temporary seating to make it easier & quicker to move and build whilst maintaining high standards of quality and safety. Because of this, our temporary seating was designed to be light and as simple as possible to disassemble. 

Transporting your seating can be troublesome, which is why we also design bespoke pallets and storage systems specifically for moving your temporary seating from A to B – hassle free.

wooden benches
wooden benches side view

How It’s Designed

We only use high quality materials for our work, meaning you are left with a high quality finish that is safe and practical from general seating to grandstands. The understructure frames are created using aluminium because of its lightweight properties. Using minimal nuts, bolts and pins means the frame is lighter and easier to transport. 

Using lighter materials and equipment means our temporary circus seating takes up less loading space and saves you fuel in the long run. So if you travel throughout the year, our seating systems will save on fuel consumption.

Our expert team will be there on-hand the first time you erect your new circus seating. This will help you should you run into any issues. The team is also always happy to help over the phone.

Safe Circus Seating

When it comes to circus seating, safety is our top priority. From bench style seating to plastic tip up chairs, we design a whole range of safety features from barriers to double width walkways. Seamlessly blending into the background, we can powder coat our barriers black meaning they won’t be too obvious during the show. We also create wheelchair access points so everyone can enjoy your amazing shows!

All of our designs meet the latest public safety regulations and our manufacturing process is always updating to accommodate new regulations as they come through.

Circus seating supply

Grandstand seating is tiered seating with a view of the front of the stage. For enquiries about grandstand seating, call us on 01793 759077.

All of our temporary seating is designed specifically to your requirements and the needs of your business. Get in touch with our experienced team and they will be able to advise you on the best solutions.

All of our seating is made with the highest standard of safety in mind. Using sturdy materials and exceeding all of the latest safety regulations, you can rest assured our seating solutions are safe. For more information contact us on 01793 759077.

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Our team of experts can advise you on the best solutions to suit your needs. For more information on what we have to offer, contact us on 01793 759077.

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