Crowd Control Barriers

Crowd control barriers are fundamental to the successful running of events that expect medium to large crowds. Suitable for any venue, festival, event or travelling show that may require them. These crowd control barriers can be used for managing various situations such as supporting your seating system or managing queues and crowds at festivals and concerts.

We design and manufacture bespoke structures for theatres, travelling shows, circuses and much more. This process includes everything from staging, seating, flooring, handrails and of course barriers to control crowds and large groups of people.

Here at Grandstand Systems, we offer a bespoke service to every single one of our customers which means we strive for a hands-on approach to design exactly what you are looking for, including integrating our crowd control barriers into our other stage and seating designs for a seamless and functional system.

Our team of highly trained experts have many years of experience within the industry and will provide professional advice on crowd control barriers and all of the products we offer. No matter the size of your venue or its maximum capacity, our sturdy and durable barriers will be a fantastic addition to your space and events. Effectively separating areas required for controlling large numbers of people, or as a safety feature for stages and tiered seating. For a consultation and to find out more about our crowd control barriers and other services, contact us.

Crowd Barriers

Crowd barriers are crucial at circus events, concerts and festivals that are expecting large groups of people. Our strong and high quality designs can be organised however necessary to control crowds ensuring the safety and smooth running of your events.

Depending on your needs, our very durable aluminium barriers can be powder coated in a range of different colours to suit branding or safety measures. The most common colour is black, so your barriers blend in with the surrounding structures and create a non-invasive view of the stage and events.

Queue Barriers

Necessary to all event forming, queues can be managed much more easily with queue barriers in place. From outside ticket booths to queue management systems leading to the bar or bathrooms, these barriers are ideal for keeping your event running smoothly and safely. Queue barriers help to create an organised system that helps the smooth flow of people in and around your festival or concert.

queue crowd control barriers

Temporary Barriers

Temporary barriers are perfect for travelling shows and circuses. Designed to be moved and set up with ease, these barriers can be packed up and stored easily. We pride ourselves on our durable and easy to store products. Therefore, these barriers are created from lightweight material and made with very few moving parts to ensure they remain strong and last a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our crowd control barriers are designed with efficiency in mind, with simple joining mechanisms to be set up in any formation with ease. Our temporary barriers are easy to set up and pack away after your event.

Our sturdy and durable barriers are perfect for crowd management at festivals & events as well as increasing the safety of your staging and seating at theatres and circuses. Ideal for managing queues & medium to large crowds in any situation.

Our well designed aluminium barriers are both extremely durable and lightweight which means they are just as easy to transport as other barriers. Our barriers are a cost effective method of crowd management.

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