Event Flooring

Do you need event flooring for your theatre, circus or travelling show? If so, look no further than Grandstand Systems. Over the years, we have designed and constructed temporary flooring for a variety of companies throughout the UK and across the world. Our flooring is strong, lightweight and can be easily packed up, stored and transported from place to place. We know the importance of having flooring which is durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic, yet can still be swiftly moved to the next location. Our team provide the best temporary flooring on the market, with our professional craftsmanship, quality materials and competitive prices. For more information on our services, please get in touch with our team today.

Temporary Flooring

Our temporary event flooring is built from Birch plywood BB grade and has an aluminium channel surround which can be cut to fit any shaped area. It sits on an aluminium ground stringer and is held in place with aluminium pins. At Grandstand Systems, we use aluminium for many of our structures, from our seating and flooring to barriers and railings. It is easily cut and shaped to create a bespoke product that meets all your needs and requirements. Whether you need standard flooring and walkways or flooring for round circus-style arenas, we are the company to call.

With our manufacturing side of the business, Austen Fabrication Ltd, we offer complete services from design to build and delivery. Furthermore, with our years of experience, we can offer advice and instructions on how to pack and store your temporary flooring.

CAD Flooring Design

We use CAD software to design your bespoke flooring. Our accurate drawings will be tailor-made to your specifications, and we can show you your ideas coming to life! We can also adapt and change your flooring. Then, when we achieve a design you are happy with, the construction can begin. We offer quick turnaround times and will always keep you updated on our CAD flooring design progress.

circular flooring fabrication

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