Do you have a question about our seating, staging, flooring or other structures? If so, take a look at our FAQ below:

Probably our most frequently asked question. We always strive to stay as competitive as possible. We use multiple material suppliers to get the very best prices we can. Various options within the design of the seating can also influence the price, so there is always a way to fit a budget.

In a word, yes! Just because aluminium is lightweight, that does not make it weak. Aluminium can be made thicker and still reduce the weight of similarly made steel products. Our main aluminium used for the manufacture of seating is called 6082 T6 known as a structural alloy. This is typically used for:


  • Highly stressed applications
  • Trusses
  • Bridges
  • Cranes
  • All manner of transport applications


As with anything, if you look after it, it could last decades. Not great for us as manufacturers but great for the customer’s peace of mind! Of course, things do wear and can break over time, so we offer a great refurbishment service. We can take existing seating and overhaul it to bring it back to life. Whether it’s a different seat/barrier colour, new set of floorboards or just a general look over to check and fix wear and tear, we can transform your structure.

The seating and staging we manufacture were designed initially for our own use, so from the beginning we always had in mind two main points: ease of use and storage. Therefore, we have and continually look to improve a design that is:

1. The most simplistic to erect with minimal nuts and bolts.

2. Stores into the least amount of space possible.

Both of these coupled with the fact we supply build-up and equipment guides for the structures and we will always be on site for the first erection should put minds at rest. We also give tuition to those who are responsible for erecting seating in the future.

If not, we are never more than a phone call away.

All newly manufactured projects will be supplied with its own set of calculations compiled by independent engineers that specialise in temporary grandstand seating.

All manufacturing of seating/staging will have a signed contract setting out what is being purchased, payment schedule and manufacturing deadlines. This gives peace of mind to both client & manufacturer.