Grandstand Seating

We design, manufacture and sell grandstand seating to companies throughout the UK and across the world, so get in touch with us today if you require bespoke seating tailored to your requirements.

Tiered Seating

We will only ever design tiered seating once we have a clear understanding of what our clients require. As a completely bespoke seating manufacturer, our designs can fill an infinite number of different size venues, from outdoor tents to stadiums. Everyone we meet has an ideal structure in mind for their venue, and it’s our goal to deliver that ‘ideal.’ At Grandstand Systems, we offer advice and guidance on what the regional regulations will allow and how to make your vision a reality.

Space-Saving Design

Our design approach has always been to provide the best possible product available. Whether for the touring circus that roams a country or the world all year long, or theatre/performing arts venues with their specialist acoustic requirements. Furthermore, these shows, in our own experience, have one common concern: storage space. Our company have created what we believe to be one of the best designed grandstands for ease of use and storage. Our design uses minimal nuts, bolts and pins. They can be stored in surprisingly little space compared to the relative size of the grandstand. Our channel rail design also allows the seats to be placed anywhere on the grandstand or can be totally removed without leaving a trip or fitting bracket hazard in the way. This gives you total freedom to change the seat layout as and when needed.

grandstand scaffolding systems
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Quality and Bespoke Seating

Our understructures can vary from the classic ‘A frame’ or an H Frame to a Layher scaffold grid depending on the requirements of the project. The former products are manufactured by ourselves, whereas the latter are supplied by Overlay Events, one of the premier importers of Layher scaffolding in the UK. We work with some of the very best suppliers in the industry, be it raw materials shaped by our workforce or ready-made products to be incorporated into our design.

99% of the understructure material we work with is structural aluminium 6082 T6. The tip-up seats can be anything from the standard steel frame/moulded plastic seat to the all singing all dancing fully upholstered high back with armrests. The floorboards are a mix of Birch plywood BB grade with aluminium surround. Guard rails are various gauge steel sections.

Planning, Manufacturing & Completion

There is a lot that goes into designing circus seating. Initial client meetings will lay the groundwork for a project. This is the chance to get an overall idea of how you would like the grandstand/bleachers to look, including:

  • Ideal number of seats.
  • Type of seat – plastic, cushioned, or benches.
  • Size of venue.
  • Idea of guide price.
  • Steel work finishes – sprayed/powder coated or galvanized.

When we feel all the elements are in place, using the latest CAD drawing programs we can produce a detailed 2D layout both plan & elevation, showing ingress/egress points, all relevant dimensions, individual seats & guard railing. With that in place, we can price the project. The drawings can then be sent to our engineers for structural loading calculations, to ensure the design meets all the requirements of the HSE and local authorities.

Once we have a signed off drawing, we will draw up a contract for both parties to sign. This will include all relevant dates and payment break down, usually into four 30% deposits, 25% start of manufacture, 25% completion of manufacturing and 20% before leaving the factory.

After the contracts are signed, workshop drawings can be produced from the original plans and manufacturing can begin.

How Long Does Grandstand Seating Take To Make?

As a rule of thumb we work to around four months for a basic 1000 seat project, subject to a few conditions:

  • Workshop drawings.
  • Pattern manufacture.
  • Section test build.
  • Full manufacturing.

All seating is built ex-works meaning it is completely up to you how it is delivered. If you are based in the UK you may want to pick it up yourself or you can arrange for a courier company to pick up and deliver. Overseas can be shipped on trucks to Europe or via further afield containers. Please note delivery times are not included in the manufacturing time allowance.

You will be supplied with a copy of the loading calculations for the seating, a guide to good working practice for erection/dismantling and a risk assessment for the grandstand.

Contact Grandstand Systems Today

We will always be present at the first erection of our grandstand seating to give the onsite team instruction on marking out and setting the stand correctly. This ensures that when we are not there, the grandstand can be confidently erected for years to come.