First Impressions Matter | How to Set Your Stage for Maximum Impact

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Staging design could be considered an art. Once you’ve established the technical parameters such as the audio-visual components, it’s time to start looking at the more creative and logistical side of your stage.

Setting up is a process that is often overlooked. If you get it right, nobody will notice you did anything at all. However, if you get it wrong it’s very obvious.

It’s important to have the correct process when creating a stage. To do this you need durable, reliable and customisable staging structures. Here at Grandstand Systems, we offer a wide range of products and services to suit your staging design needs.

Height & Accessibility Of Your Staging Design

The first priority of staging design should be its ability to function properly. If it’s hard to access or at the wrong level for the audience, it’s going to result in difficulties for the viewer. When considering staging design, you have to set the height at a perfect level for the audience. This will be somewhat dependent on the show itself, however the last thing you want is an uncomfortable crowd.

Multiple elevations can help with this but the same should be said for looking down, as well as up. The height of a stage should be exactly right to keep the audience comfortable and engaged.

Accessibility is also very important. The stage should be laid out in such a way that makes it easy for the organisers and workers to navigate and do their job without interrupting the show.

Opening Curtain To Stage

Simplicity & Size Of Your Stage

When it comes to staging design, less is more. A cluttered and overly complicated stage leads to mistakes and issues and also looks untidy. You’ll want a simple layout to avoid crowding the stage and distracting from the show.

Size is a big factor in simplicity. For example, if you’ve got a massive stage setup for one man and a microphone, he’s going to be lost within it. The size will directly affect how much is placed on stage, therefore simplicity goes hand in hand with how big of a stage you set up for your acts.

Get in touch with Grandstand Systems for Advice on Staging Design

Grandstand Systems has over 50 years’ experience within the industry. Our team have a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of stage setup, layout and design. If you need advice on your venue and want to discuss options, contact us today for a high quality service.

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