The Best Event Flooring Swindon

Event seating swindon

Here at Grandstand Systems we provide the best event flooring Swindon for a variety of businesses like the circus and travelling shows. A uniquely bespoke service allows us to construct the perfect product for our clients. Your flooring will be built to the highest level, strong and be lightweight, for easy transport.

The Perfect Temporary Flooring

Our temporary flooring is bespoke to your requirements. Should you need standard flooring, walkways or even arena flooring. We are able to design the right flooring for you.

Our flooring is made of lightweight aluminium and is easy to carry and pack up, making it suitable for temporary events and displays. Our flooring is made of BB grade Birch plywood with an aluminium frame and pins. It is sturdy and comes with a guarantee of the best quality.

Event Flooring Design

We create accurate drafts for your event flooring, using CAD design software to give you an overall bespoke service meeting your requirements. Once you have approved our design, we will construct your flooring and always keep you informed at every stage.

Event Flooring Near Me

Our customised service at Grandstand Systems will construct the best temporary flooring for your needs. We produce our products with skilled craftsmanship, quality materials, and all at affordable prices, based on years of expert construction. We will not only provide you with the best flooring product, but we will also show you how to pack and store it so that you get the most out of your purchase. Contact our team to discuss event flooring Swindon or address any concerns you may have and to begin the process of creating truly bespoke flooring.

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