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From fabrication to installation, we offer custom made theatre seating design throughout the UK. Our team of professionals utilise their training, experience and imagination to offer a world class service, developing totally unique seating solutions. We include full delivery and theatre installation in the service. 

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Theatre Seating Installation

After the design process with our team has finished, we work closely with you to get a detailed and meticulous construction. This leads to the installation of your theatre seating. 

Our experienced team of engineers can install your brand new theatre seating efficiently and in a timely manner so you can have your theatre up and running in no time. As we design and manufacture the seating ourselves, we’re able to make small adjustments as and when they’re needed without the wait.

Types Of Theatre Seating

We design and manufacture seating for any kind of theatre. In order to understand theatre seating, it’s important to understand the many different types of theatres:

Thrust Stages

Theatres with thrust stages have simple designs and as the name suggests, they thrust out with the theatre seating being tiered upwards on 3 sides. Typically, they are used to create a much more intimate feel between the spectators and the performance.

Theatres In The Round

These types of theatres consist of the stage in the centre with seating surrounding it on all sides in a tiered formation. This allows the performance to be seen from every angle.

Arena Theatres

Arena theatres are very similar to round ones in that the seating consists of multiple sides and typically surrounds the main stage. However, the major difference between them is that arena theatres are usually on a much larger scale and the stage is often rectangular.

Open Air Theatres

The personification of adaptable seating, open-air theatres are great for showcasing how versatile some of our seating solutions can be.

Purpose-built open-air theatres typically follow the classic auditorium format for seating.

purple seating wide view

Theatre Seats Required

From pantomimes, acrobatic displays, dance performances and dramatic arts, we are able to design seating that is suitable and functional for all kinds of entertainment.

Audience Size

Whether you have a small theatre or a large arena, we are able to design and manufacture seating to fit any audience size. We discuss build times during the design process and give you an accurate date of completion so you can communicate times with your customers.

The Staging

We take into consideration the stage when designing your seating. So whether your stage is one platform or several different layers & walkways, our seating will give your customer the best view possible of the performance.

Sound Quality

We understand that sound quality is a priority too, which is why during the design process we take into consideration sound quality just as much as visuals. We strive to make sure that our seating never affects the acoustics of your theatre.

Why Choose Us for Theatre Seating?

We work with clients all around the world to deliver theatre seating that is functional and designed bespoke to the theatre. Our many years of experience has meant we have developed our expertise to design and manufacture high quality theatre solutions.

We use high quality, strong aluminium for all of our designs. This is due to its flexibility & strength to weight ratio. It is the perfect choice for manufacturing tiered theatre seating.

With our partner company Austen Fabrications Ltd being the manufacturing arm to our business, we can expertly shape these raw materials into a stunning and practical structure. Furthermore, you can also choose whether you would like plastic or cushioned seats for your audience’s comfort.

Theatre Seat Manufacture Quotes & Information

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