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Here at Grandstand Systems, we design and manufacture event seating for circuses, theatres and touring companies throughout the UK and across the globe. With our partner company Austen Fabrication Ltd, we produce bespoke, high-quality seating, staging, flooring, barriers, pallets and more. Using CAD design software, we create seating that fulfils your vision and meets all of your requirements.

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Grandstand Seating

For our grandstand seating, we use a range of durable and reliable materials including aluminium. This alloy is strong yet light, allowing for easy movement and transportation.

Why Choose Aluminium Seating?

Structural aluminium has many advantages over steel in the seating industry. These include:

Strength to Weight Ratio

Aluminium has a density around one third that of steel. This makes it ideal for applications where high strength and low weight are needed. In addition, aluminium is a lighter material which for seating that needs to be packed, unpacked and built-up repeatedly can be a blessing! This also has an effect on transportation, as lighter loads mean less fuel consumption, resulting in reduced costs.

Corrosion Resistance

Aluminium naturally produces an oxide coating which protects it from contact with the environment. These properties mean aluminium can be left in its natural finished state out in the elements without the need for expensive top coating such as galvanizing or spray painting.

Sound and Shock Absorption

This metal is also an excellent sound absorber, which is ideal for use in circuses and theatres where music is played at top volumes.


Aluminium is 100% recyclable no matter its age. Due to its corrosion resistance, recycled aluminium is identical to the virgin product.

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