The Benefits of Grandstand Seating for Your Venue

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Grandstand seating can offer your venue a variety of different benefits. Not only can it provide flexibility and logistical efficiency, but comfort for your patrons too. It’s important you have an easily customisable, moveable and storage-friendly set of seating.

Comfortable seating is a big factor for venues that offer entertainment, such as theatres. This is why we make sure to provide a huge selection of shape and upholstery options for your seating, to ensure customers return time and time again.

Although it can be hard to provide all of these qualities in one package, our CAD designs and years of experience with grandstand systems make them easily available.

Grandstand Seating Flexibility

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The best thing about grandstand seating is how customisable and flexible it can be. No matter what the venue is, we can create a design and layout to your preference.

Here are some of the examples of what we can do and the situations your seating can be customized for.

Multiple Elevations

If you’ve got a large venue, such as a theatre, we can provide structures that support multiple elevations with all shapes and sizes. All seating is fabricated by our partner company, who use strong, lightweight aluminium during production. The alloy we use is very flexible and mouldable, so it can be applied to a variety of scenarios.

Intimate Spaces

You might be looking for a more intimate seating arrangement, possibly a small amphitheatre style layout. Using CAD for seating designs means there is nothing than cannot be done to create the perfect grandstand seating. The technology provides the ability to view designs and layouts ahead of time, to visualise what it will look like.

Efficient Grandstand Seating

If you’ve got huge space and want to make the absolute most of it, grandstand seating is a perfect choice for this. The designs offered not only include the fabrication of the seating itself, but all the structures too. This can include an array of aspects such as:

With a variety of structures available to customise your seating design, there is a huge amount of layout possibility.

The Logistics of Grandstand Seating

Due to our lightweight choice of materials, the logistics and storage of grandstand seating is a very simple process. 

The last thing you want when setting up a show is to carry around thousands of heavy, clunky chairs. Aluminium is a perfect metal. It’s strong but almost weightless considering the size of each chair. 

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Additionally, foldable designs take up as little space as possible, providing the most efficient use of space when it comes to storage.

Choose Grandstand Systems for Your Event Seating Needs

With over 50 years of experience in all aspects of the industry, Grandstand Systems can offer a professional and expert service. We cover design advice and fabrication through our partner company, Austen Fabrication, to ensure you get the best product possible.

Contact us today to discuss further or view our range of design options.

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