The Importance Of Sight Lines When Designing A Stage

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When designing a stage for a performance there are many factors that need to be taken into careful consideration, such as sight lines. It is important to understand that each of your customers primarily have to be safe and therefore creating staging and seating that is structurally safe is our highest priority. It’s also important that all of your customers, no matter where they are sat, that they enjoy your show as much as possible.

Our expert designers spend hours poring over the plans to make sure that everything is built in such a way that your whole audience has a fantastic show. Depending on the sort of event you are holding, your stage may look very different to others. With many shapes possible, it is important that you consider the relationship between your audience and the performers.

Just some of the shapes we are able to design include:

The Importance Of Your Audience’s Sight Lines

The sight line of your audience is one of the fundamental factors to consider when designing. Ultimately if your audience can’t see the performance very well then they will leave disappointed.

When our designers plan a build and seating area, they carefully consider how your audience will view your show. This is done with 2 main considerations:


It is important to build a stage with your audience in mind, for example, if the performance uses a large amount of space but primarily faces on the side then something like a round design will be detrimental to your event as half of your audience will only see the back of your performers.

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When designing seating we have to consider both vertical and horizontal sight lines. The horizontal line factors in the audience’s view of the stage and area left and right of it. So factoring in other customers’ heads or any obstructions there might be preventing people from viewing your performance. Often incorporated into the design of staging and seating is staggered seating.

Vertical sight lines tend to focus on tiered or raised seating solutions. There should be no obstructions or distractions such as curtains or lower hanging lights that prevent some customers from watching your show.

Professionally Designing A Stage And Seating

As you can see there is a lot to consider when it comes to the sightlines of your customers. Our team of expert designers are masters of creating and manufacturing stages and seating that factors in sightlines to ensure that everyone at your show leaves happy!

As well as physically fabricating your staging, we understand that your stage will be the centrepiece of your event which is why we sit with you for a consultation to discuss the goals of your performance. We use that to design the very best we can.

Professionally Designing A Stage And Seating

For more information on stage & seating, design call us on 01793 759077. Our team will offer you help and guidance when deciding on a bespoke design for your event. We will be able to book a consultation with you to discuss all your needs and requirements.

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