Auditorium Seating Fabrication

Auditorium seating

Are you looking for truly unique auditorium seating fabrication? Having the right seating options for your theatre, circus, or events space, is important and being able to adapt it where needed is also a great way to make the most of your overall spectator experience. So, look below and learn how we at Grandstand System can help you to achieve the right seating system for your space.

Types of Auditorium Seating

Although auditorium seating looks different in some cases, they do tend to follow the same design at their core. Here at Grandstand Systems we use aluminium as our main construction material. This adaptable product is not only great for seating, but its environmental production and repair is perfect for the events industry.
You may need the classic option which is shaped in a curved manor or you may go for a grandstand seating option. However, it works for you and your venue, adaptability is key when we undertake your auditorium seating fabrication.

Health and Safety Focused Design

All of our seating design and construction meet a number of countries regulations and can be tailored to your needs. If your events are mobile and need to be adapted to meet multiple requirements, this is not a problem.
Our expert team will work with you to give you the adaptability you need. We keep in constant contact with our clients through the design and construction process, making small changes to better give you a truly unique end product.

Auditorium Seating Quotes

Contact our team today and they will be able to take you through each stage of your auditorium seating fabrication quote. From design to construction we will work to give you a truly tailored service and fabrication. Call on 01793 759 077 today.

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