Spectator Seating Supplies

Spectator Seating Supplies

When you are looking for a unique seating options for your requirements, look no further than Grandstand Systems. We offer a complete service of spectator seating supplies and design. Whether you have a complete idea of your requirements or are just starting to have a handle on your needs. Contact our bespoke team and we will be able to get you started on your journey to a truly unique seating plan.

Spectator Seating Dimensions

As we have said, you may have an idea of how you want your spectator seating to be. Our bespoke service team will create an extensive plan to your requirements and before we stat to construct we will double check we have met all your needs. We work with many industries such as theatres, circuses, and events venues to create a bespoke tailored service.

Event Seating Specialists

We have worked as event seating specialists for many years and use predominately aluminium as a construction material. This adaptable material is perfect for giving our clients the results they need. This is key when spectator seating supplies need to be changeable and usable for multiple events.

Seat Fabrication

We use CAD seating design to plan out our projects for our clients. This system is accurate and gives you great idea of how your seating will look and how it can be adapted to meet all your needs. All our seating meets current regulations in a number of countries such as France, Holland, U.S.A, Hong Kong and Australia. So, as you can see, we are experts in what we do and can create a truly unique seating product for you.

Spectator Seating Quote

For a spectator seating quote, contact our team today and discover how Grandstand Systems can start you on a journey to your perfect seating system. Our team will take as many details as possible and keep you informed at each stage, from design to through construction. Call us on 01793 759 077.

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