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how our circus stage designs Provide crowd control

Crowd control (often abbreviated as “cc”) is a method of crowd management at venues and events. Crowd control barriers restrict access to certain areas. They prevent crowds from becoming a nightmare to manage at your events. Circus crowd control in particular is important for keeping it fun, engaging and safe!

Uses for crowd control barriers

Crowd control barriers have a plethora of uses. Firstly, their main purpose is to create a physical barrier that separates the audience from your entertainment. Jumping on stage and hassling circus performers is poor taste. This preserves the integrity of the performance as well as the safety of the performers, which goes both ways. As Covid-19 continues to menace society, social distancing is more important than ever. Crowd control barriers create an extra level of security to prevent viral outbreaks in addition to peace of mind for performers and audience members alike.

crowd control barrier separating people from animals

Importance of security

Barriers provide an extra layer of security for all involved. This is especially true if the seating is higher than the stage to prevent injury and potential lawsuits. However, barriers can also be used to create tiered seating for your events. This is a design option intended to enhance stage viewing, and our barriers are integrated into our circus staging and seating formats to create a seamless and functional layout.

other types of barriers

Aside from crowd barriers, there are other types of barriers you can utilise to optimise your events, such as queue and temporary barriers. Both have their uses, but temporary barriers are particularly valuable for itinerant circus events. Our temporary aluminium barriers are easy to move and store when you’re on the go – which is often the case for travelling circuses. Queue barriers are also helpful for managing entry into your event.
If you need evidence, a lack of crowd control barriers proved disastrous for a Russian circus when a performing ostrich decided to attack the audience. While it’s now canon on the internet, we don’t recommend this strategy. Not all publicity is good!
Bright colourful circus stage with crowd control barriers

Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from our bespoke barriers, there are a few techniques you can implement to keep your events under control. For example, proper venue signage, emergency backup plans and knowing your audience are all vital for a secure and spectacular experience. Similarly, the circus can attract a young audience. Children (and some adults) can be risk-prone, so signposting hazards is a must.

Our crowd control barriers are crafted from aluminium which is exceptionally durable and easy to transport. This is ideal for temporary barriers, which is a staple of crowd management for circus events. Our blog highlights the benefits of aluminium for our bespoke staging, seating and barriers designs.

You can expect crowd barriers in any venue that needs to restrict access and manage population density. Examples include political events, rallies, parades and concerts. Of course, there are also theatres and circuses, which is where our sturdy and high-quality barriers come into play.

Additional Information on circus barriers and crowd control

Crowd control barriers are an essential aspect of circus events for their aesthetics, practicality and safety applications. Our temporary barriers are designed with functionality in mind, as well as creating a dynamic and spacious layout for your event.

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