How Will Covid-19 Affect The Entertainment Industry Going Forward?

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The effects of Covid-19 on the entertainment industry has been well documented. We’ve covered the impact it’s had on our livelihood and the sector as a whole, but what about the long term scale? Where can we expect to be in five, ten years? Covid-19 has undoubtedly changed the production landscape for the foreseeable future. We can only speculate how we’ll evolve from this point, but we’re confident we’re on our way to recovery. Keep reading to find out more about our vision for the future of Grandstand Systems.

Covid-19's Effect On The Workplace

Covid-19 has changed life as we know it on a permanent basis. Even as we settle into a modicum of normality, the landscape of entertainment will never be the same. This is true for the majority of industries that involve face-to-face interaction. Some offices have adapted hybrid working approaches, which allows their employees greater flexibility on where they choose to work. A survey from April 2021 indicated that 99% of human resource professionals expect hybrid working approaches to be implemented in the future. This is a massive figure and a huge predicted change to the topography. What about industries where remote working isn’t possible, like theatres and the circus? Last we checked, clowns can’t work from home (well, depending on the business).

Covid-19 & The Entertainment Industry

Live events like concerts, theatres and sporting events have started to creep back into the spotlight, but the climb has been gradual to discourage Covid-19 spikes. Crowded arenas are notorious hotbeds for infection, so precautions have been introduced — and will likely remain — for the foreseeable future. Research is continuously conducted to find credible procedures of covid-proofing entertainment venues, but an infallible methodology won’t be achieved overnight. Limiting spectator capacity, social distancing and outdoor events where applicable are all experimental measures to lower the risk of transmission long-term.

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Live Streaming Events

Aside from a return to normality, live streaming has become a popular alternative, which was a game-changer during lockdown. A whopping 92% of people believe that live streaming is a viable method of reaching audiences, so the overwhelming show of support for live streaming events going forward is hard to dispute. However, whether or not live streaming will become the primary mode of entertainment is hard to deduce at this stage. The sense of community and nostalgia from a live event is hard to replicate through an electronic screen. Like agile home working, some people might prefer watching a Jacobean play from their sofas, whereas others want to be immersed in the glorious violence of a mosh pit. Finding a balance, however challenging, is key.

How Covid-19 Has Changed Grandstand

So, where does that leave us? At Grandstand Systems, we endeavour to continue providing premium and bespoke seating for your events. Whether the audiences chooses to live stream from home or witness the magic in person, it’s important to accommodate the preferences of everyone involved. However, the importance of bolstering the industry after the fallout of Covid-19 is more critical than ever. The arts and entertainment industries are an indisputable part of society that we can’t afford to leave behind. Covid-19 may have turned the world upside down and inside out, but there’s always a silver living in even the darkest clouds. Whatever happens, we’re confident we’ll see it through together.

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