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Finding quality engineered and designed grandstand seating in the UK, can seem a daunting idea, no matter the size of your company. That’s where Grandstand Systems can help. We have many years’ experience in providing the highest quality product for our clients. From circus’ to theatres, we make each project tailored to our clients needs.

Tiered Seating Specialist

As tiered seating specialist, we start by truly understanding how you want your new seating to work. As a bespoke design, we believe that this type of design makes a product that works efficiently for our clients. Then manufacture will start, although at every point through the manufacture we work with you to ensure all your needs are being met and the finished grandstand seating will be at its best. As we work all over the world, we are well versed in the regulations required to ensure our seating meets all safety standards.

Custom Seating Fabrication

As we have said above our custom seating fabrication is tailored just for you. Majority of our seating systems are made from aluminium and have the highest credentials in both strength and their effect on the environment. Aluminium can be recycled multiple time and is cost effective to manufacture.

Grandstand Tiered Seating Quotes

For your grandstand seating in the UK, Grandstand Systems can help. We provide a comprehensive quote that involves all our team access all your needs and then providing a detailed quote with no hidden costs. Contact us on 01793 759 077 and start the journey to the highest quality grandstand seating for your theatre, circus or events space.

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